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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter Woes

Just a quiet little post from me today. Fed up with the weather and the mud. Hugh took me out yesterday and I could hardly stay on any of my feet due to slithering about in so much gloop in the fields. I'm resting up this evening, though, in preparation for dinner guests tomorrow night. Obviously I shall need lots of energy in order to pester them and ensure I am fussed over for long periods. Hmm, maybe short periods, actually, or I may find myself shut out of the living room. Oh well, another time.

Herself has been taking photographs for her shop so there are NO new ones of me to post. Here's a wee pic of Hugh with his beloved little Grey Fergie tractor and a bale of straw that we purchased so the hens could have somewhere dry to perch their weary bottoms.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brave New Year

Happy 2007 - may it be a peaceful and rewarding year for everyone
Right, well, that's got the good cheer out of the way... to business!
And that business is BONES!
Heard it all before?
OK, what about the fact that Lindsay's mother, my best friend next door, organised for me to give her a dog treat recipe book, together with a set of bone shaped cookie cutters . Subtle enough hint, do you think? The recipes are all full of good stuff, no junk, and I cannot wait for her to start experimenting. The only fly in the ointment is that she has been full of misery and snuffles and aches and pains all week so cooking is not on her agenda.
Before she succumbed, we had some good walks over Christmas, with great sniffs due to the heavy frosts. There was also the attraction of helping people unwrap presents and destroying any cardboard boxes that came my way.
There has been precious little creative work done here of late although we did deliver a painting of Hugh's on Christmas Eve. Himself is now back up in his garret with brushes and acrylics and herself is fed up being feeble and wants to get on with her next ptoject too.
I'll keep you posted on developments.