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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

One nil to me today.
L and H had been outside, digging up a defunct flower-bed, without my assistance, I might point out. Hugh did all the work and Lindsay swanned in for the last hour and a half with a spade and a rake. On her return she lay face up on the floor. Seems she was straightening out her back. Well, I'm sorry but it looked for all the world to me as though she was in 'I'm a cute little submissive puppy' mode so I did what any self respecting hound dog would do and landed a swift left hook to show who's boss. Exit L stage left with bloody nose! (Best bit is I didn't even get told off - seems she appreciated the error of her ways).

H had a big sort-out in the shed and stuck all the spare bits of metal into one place. He has plans for bigger metal sculptures this year and has been spotted eyeing up various locations in the garden for these masterpieces. Needs more scrap, apparently. Probably be angling for a second-hand forklift before long too...

L has finished her textiles to go to the gallery next weekend - more bags and some sheepy cards. H has yet to decide which acrylics he is submitting - probably be a last-minute Should-I-shouldn't-I-is-this-one-good-enough?-Oh-I-don't-like-any-of-my-work type of decision. Ho hum. Think I'll concentrate on chewing sticks and keep my head down. There's something brewing and I have an uneasy feeling it concerns my welfare.....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Quality Control

Well, Lindsay managed a little light knitting during her weekend by the fire. She made some more purses from her handspun with sheep or hen buttons. I checked them over for her and managed to avoid dropping any bone fragments, fortunately. (Yes, they eventually capitulated and the bone kept me occupied for a substantial part of a rainy Monday)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday, soggy Sunday in Southdean
(that's the name of the parish that this village of Chesters is in, and sort of interchangeable, I think)

Good points about the weekend
Proper walks including this morning which was a new place with fresh sniffs and the bonus of a muddy stream and then an opportunity this afternoon to hare round a stubble field and follow badger scents. Lindsay has got some bug which means she's got energy for only about half an hour at a time - the stove has been going full blast and she even spent time sleeping on the sofa yesterday afternoon.

Bad points about the weekend
[1] She did not want my company when lying on the sofa, even though it was my clear duty to keep her warm. I am at a loss to understand her sometimes heartless behaviour.
[2] A roasted bone was definitely purchased on Friday. I know exactly where it is but I have not yet been given access to it. Have I sinned in some small way and they are exacting revenge by allowing me to smell it but not chew it?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Chilly here today but L and I have been busy outside - she has been pruning shoots off the willows and I have been chewing the ones she lost sight of. She has trimmed them and built a slightly squint and wobbly trellis-y fence thingy with the cuttings and about a hundred miles of green jute twine stuff tying all the crosses together. I expect if it grows there will be a photograph or two on here to show it off.

This has been a momentous weekend. Hugh bought a Land Rover-based vehicle last February so he could take part in hill rallies and off road competitions. It has taken him a year to get the Beastie into safe working order and on Saturday it finally made it out of the shed and into the neighbour's field for testing purposes. There's no middle seat in it for me so I had to content myself with trying the new driver's seat before it was fitted.

Lindsay has become hooked on knitting blogs and sites. All too often of an evening this past week my slumber by the stove has been rudely interrupted by shrieks and guffaws from the other room as she finds yet another site to ooh and aah over. I dread to think where it will all end...

Sunday, February 05, 2006



L just found the knitted terrorists tonight and thought I should spread the word - their links are wild too.