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Monday, August 28, 2006

Show Time

The annual village show took place last weekend - we borrowed a posh new tent for the teas and beers, there was funfair stuff and a plant stall, a book stall, a couple of craft work stalls all the 'guess the such and such and win it' things, children's races and vintage machinery - all this and it was still the 'littlest show on earth'! The sun shone, then it rained, then it dried up - basically we had a little bit of everything. Four Italian motorcyclists dropped in - and I dread to think what tales they are taking home.of the strange customs of rural Scotland.

Here's the dolly that herself made - it was won by a little girl who guessed her birthday correctly (4th August - same as yours waggily). The sweeties in the jar was won by one of the biggest kids there - our friend Ross who took lots of photographs on the day while his wife Jane sold her plants.

For example, here's Jane learning to drive Hugh's little grey Fergie tractor, under 'instruction' from himself, at the end of show. Nice backdrop, eh?

The final photo is a perfect one by Ross. This is Fergus's pram - he is latest addition to the village but was off taking some air at this point so not really an abandoned baby.

Although I missed the early part of the show as I was on house guarding duty, Hugh came to retrieve me so that I could do a lap of honour and meet my adoring public. Lindsay's crowning moment was beating her mother in the fruitcake class, although they were both outclassed by Fergus's mum, Linda.

Since then H & L have been to a parish barbecue, looked in on a coffee afternoon at the village hall, sneaked out for an Indian meal in the excellent restaurant in Jedburgh, and been to a much bigger show south of the border today. At least on this last one they took me too. They have also both been working, I hasten to add.

Hugh has been moving and raising fences at Thirlestane Castle where they hold big important horse trials (well, important if you are a horse or a horsey type - I don't care for the things myself, too flighty and scary kickers). Lindsay has been at work and been busy with the jam pan. She seems to have some sort of recurrent (redcurrant?!) addiction which runs for a few months from mid summer onwards. This weekend's efforts have been a rowan berry and apple jelly and a gooseberry jam - she tells me the rowan jelly is a stunning colour and Hugh thought it would make a good colour for brake lights - Hell, humans, what are they on?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Don't look now...but

This is going to be the blog entry where I master links to my e-pals

So, let's begin with the lovely Coco, at Muddy Red Shoes - where Sarah paints a mini masterpiece EVERY DAY as well as living a blooming lively life in Brittany. Coco is my chocolate labrador blog younger (but probably more sensible) sister!

Over in the US of A there's Jack who is an exotic Labrador - Rottweiler cross and lives with the talented TLC, illustrator extraordinare.

And today Chigger and Woody at Blogdogs introduced themselves. Woody likes my coloury text so I feel justified in making this a particularly virulent mixture.

There, now, I didn't do too badly.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Birthday was quieter than a girl might have hoped for but I didn't make a fuss or anything as childish as that... well, not that day. Thank you, folks, for the kind wishes.

Plenty going on hereabouts. Herself has made a rag doll for Guess the Dolly's Birthday for the great Southdean Show which is only just over a week away. She's already filled a jar very artfully with sweeties to rot small teeth and only she and I know how many are in there. Wonder who will guess right and make a dentist very happy.

Hugh was doing vital off-road work last weekend with his fellow Caberston Brothers - an 'in' joke among these tough macho 4 x 4 boys who had to dig themselves out of a minor 'incident' deep in a Borders forest - but all in the line of research, you understand. Meanwhile Lindsay was busy with the microwave, dyeing (and tie-dyeing) rainbows of yarn for her Easy Peasy Knitting kits.

Monday was a good family day, even though I was abandoned for part of it while they did unaccompanied walking. Hmmm, not a habit they should adopt. If you walk ten minutes up the hill from our house you get to look back at this view - we're pretty lucky folks to live round these parts.

More important recce work for Hugh and the boys coming up on Sunday while I think Lindsay will be being creative with a jam pan full of fruit and vinegary things, making some chutney to enter into one of the classes at the show. I'll ride shotgun for that one, looking out for escapees from the chopping board.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just chillin'

I'm conserving my energy for what I am sure will be a great day tomorrow. I shall be TWO! (which is pretty damn grown up, by the way). I imagine there are bones and treats and extra walks planned, maybe a swim and a rabbit or two to chase.

However, there do seem to be a few other things happening round here so I am not the centre of attention presently. Hugh and I collected thirty little day old chicks this afternoon. These ones are not for egg laying but for the table, ultimately, so they will get spoilt with extra corn rations, I suppose. Meantime they are in luxurious accommodation in the shed with a red light on to keep them warm and chick crumbs to munch through ( and probably poo on, knowing hens).

All is not lost, though, as Lindsay baked a cake and flapjacks this evening - looks like a tea party may be on the cards. Best bit was, she cracked an egg and missed the bowl. The whole thing slid gracefully off the edge of the worktop and onto the floor within only a few feet of my bed. I did my duty and now there is not so much as a morsel left. Yum.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Just Rewards

Books were sold. Bone was bought (and devoured).