I've gone, shuffled off to share the Tart's blog - you'll find me there now, when she lets me near the computer...

Monday, January 30, 2006

L has been working on new collages - this is part of a big black & white one. She sits up in her attic room and has no appreciation of how lonely it gets for a neglected brown dog down at the foot of the ladder. At least when she is spinning she does it downstairs somewhere near the stove. H has been productive too and just finished painting this acrylic based on one of the Border valleys.

As for me, well, dammit, the sun was shining this morning so I felt I had to take full advantage...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Action shot of me in the garden last summer
I'm new to this lark but I think you should hear about some of the goings on in this part of the world. Once the paws have mastered the art of dropping in images I'll be back with some hard evidence of life with two artists and a sometimes disappointingly lukewarm stove.