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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Home to roost

Blimey! Time I updated you all on life in the chilly Borders. Well, as suspected, I was driven off to kennels and abandoned for a week.
To be honest, thought, I had a pretty fine time. En-suite heated room and access to a run where I could see everything that was going on with the other hounds. Some of them looked a bit scary on first sight, even to a bitch of my fine breeding, but the family of three German Shepherds turned out to be lovely boys and the Dalmation couple on the opposite side of the square were not as stuck up as I had feared. Anyway, the staff were lovely, made a fuss of me and walked me three times a day so all in all I had rather an enjoyable time. Didn't want to let on, obviously, when H & L came to retrieve me on Sunday but I think they sussed that I thought the place was pretty fine.

The arty couple clocked up a lot of miles in a week since they went to Devon, then up to the Welsh coast and to Herefordshire before heading home. Plenty of pics were taken so I shall include a few for your delight.

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