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Monday, May 29, 2006

Community Spirit

A fairly green weekend, all in all - mainly due to the rain! Attached is a wee metal bird sculpture beside the sprouting willow trellis fence. Quite good for a wind-up these fences, as I squeeze myself through the gaps while herself has a canary, convinced I will uproot the whole construction....

Saturday night was a drama dinner over at the village hall, and it was a sellout! About sixty guests and the drama group all ate in the big hall, served up with dishes home-cooked by the hall committee, before the entertainment of the evening got underway in earnest. It was a really good night and a boost to both the hall and the Denholm Drama Group (who recently lost EVERYTHING in a school fire) - so I reckon there will be a similar event later in the year. Mind you, attention has been pretty scant these last few weeks while H & L have helped refurbish bits of the hall and then sort out for the big 'do'.Perhaps twice a year is enough or I shall begin to play up and be difficult (on second thoughts, maybe I will anyway, it's such fun to be bad and then do the big 'sorrrrrrrryyyy' eyes!)

L has been knitting up some of the hand dyed wool hanks. A single hank will yield a pair of baby bootees or a baby hat so she'll be packaging them up with patterns and getting them onto the website very soon.

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