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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dog Days

Phew, it's been a busy weekend. Duties have been strenuous but I have not strayed from my role as leader of the pack (well, if you discount the temporary aberration when I sniffed out a fox den and became curiously deaf simulataneously). Yesterday I spent navigating a cross-border route into Northumberland from the centre seat in the Land Rover. This incorporated an impressive ford crossing which I suggested we went back and examined on foot. Just as I suspected there were yet more fascinating smells to check at the water's edge and some muddy water to paddle through too.

Onwards to Alnmouth where I was placated with biscuits while the greedy twosome went off to find a coffee shop for a birthday (his) snack or three. Then it was back down the green lane and through the ford again, just because we could, really. Abandoned again in Alnwick before the trip north. Fortunately this involved an outing and some more paddling at Yetholm. I was relegated to the rear of the vehicle thereafter which seemed a little harsh...

Today was party day here at Chesters, with some old friends and some new. There was one of those baby things in the gathering but he just seemed to eat and sleep so he's OK by me. (I have always found it a sound maxim to live by and he must be learning early.) There was a lot of eating and laughing and some present unwrapping that I was not invited to participate in but I have a new friend called Jack who played a lot of foot-and-mouth-ball with me in the garden and one called Robbie who later helped me round up hens in the garden.

I have only energy left to post this before retiring to my beanbag for the rest of the evening. A girl needs her beauty sleep, for goodness' sake..........zzzzz

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