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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Just desserts

Red Letter Day? I'm not so sure. Easter and I finally make it into print. The Sunday Herald Magazine to be precise, two page spread, mostly of the house and garden and arty stuff and some unfortunate pics of H & L. Lindsay scowling and Hugh posing awkwardly with brushes and paint spattered shirt. My pic is the first one on the page and I am looking rather regal, I think, beside the spinning wheel and a landscape of Hugh's (close-up section in here somewhere).

It's been an interesting week - the arty pair took lots of work to Thirlestane Castle to hang on the walls of the tearoom for the season, H helped to hang an exhibition of work by Bernat Klein. chopped up a cherry tree, dug over a raised bed ready for pea seedlings, Lindsay's been dyeing wool in the microwave - that's what the pictures that look like pizzas are, plus a shot of hanks drying in the sun, and two of L's paintings with gold leaf and suchlike on them.

More mutterings about kennels again - I think they are scheming to go down south at the end of next week. Spare a thought for me, please, in my poor lonely little cell while they drive off without a backward glance..........ho hum, it's a dog's life.

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PG said...

Gorgeous wool....and lovely landscape. If you're passing our way, (we're now 6 miles from Burfod) do pop in for tea and biscuits. :)