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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

All work and no play ... hah!

Had a busy weekend - garden work on Saturday, L did a charity abseil on Sunday and H went off road again (without me... again..) and then there was a birthday so they went gadding about (without me etc), doing towny things, I think. I did get walks and chewed sticks and sniffed round the hens and got into trouble digging a hole in the polytunnel so there were highlights to my days too.

More pics - L looking less than elegant doing what I am told was a 'controlled descent' down off the Waterloo Monument, a 150 ft high stone pillar, in aid of Anthony Nolan Trust. Good news is that 94 people did it and raised £21,000 for the charity. Hugh's 'Rocket' sculpture in the garden and Eric, the Scots Grey cockerel, contemplating it from the safety of his run. Some inside work got done too and there should be some acrylics on show here next week.

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PG said...

My God...*shudders* - I couldn't do that even for charity...respect due.