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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Lindsay's been zooming about the net again tonight and found Whip Up which is jam packed with other folks' creative stuff - nothing sordid in the name after all... whipup.net
And she's found a blogger in Wisconsin who keeps hens, does lots of spinning and knitting and looks to have a pretty cool dog as well - seems there may be more long suffering hounds sharing house space with textile crazed women than I had realised (check my Links - I think I have cracked how to do them)
Here's proof that the Wee Beastie was off road last weekend. Hugh and Dave (sound man, remembers to make a fuss of me...) came third in the competition on the Beastie's first outing. Now H has the bit between his teeth and will be out at every opportunity, hail rain or shine, sporting his very fetching 'air crew' overalls purchased on ebay, bless him.

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