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Friday, March 03, 2006

Suspicions Confirmed

Yip, I was right. There was a plot. It involved me being dumped with complete strangers for three, yes THREE, days and nights while they headed north to Dunkeld to enjoy themselves. Actually, the kennels was OK and I had the company of two black retrievers who are staying there till April so maybe I wasn't so badly treated by H and L after all. Not that they need to know that....
They met lots of like minded folk at the Scottish Off Road Club AGM and Hugh got himself on to the committee so there will be yet more talk about events around Scotland involving Land Rovers but not involving ME. I can see the flaw in this so why can't they?

Life since I was rescued on Tuesday morning has been pretty fine - First stop was the forest where there was a sprinkling of snow - made for better quality sniffs.
Second stop was beside the stove.

Hugh has been scheming to get more metal for his impending sculptures and sorting out work to go to Conundrum Farm near Berwick - a wonderful place (so I am told...) full of hens and sheep and goats and rare breed pigs and excellent cakes and coffee. Lindsay has stopped knitting baby socks for the minute and stitched a big bag from handspun yarns. It is currently in the washing machine with a pair of jeans, getting felted. Here's a before pic.

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PG said...

Oh what gorgeous wools...sigh...a feast for the eye.

(birthday bag received and very much appreciated by its new owner, thank you!)