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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Well, I'd love to be able to post lots of pics showing the creativity of the folks but there's precious little going on that makes for elegant images. Hugh has been verrrrry busy working long hours on things which have nowt to do with painting - mainly putting up and taking down fences for the illustrious Thirlestane Horse Trials (three day palaver at Lauder, forty minutes north of here) and building aviaries for a new neighbour who keeps raptors (lovely word that, and not bad for a three year old labrador). Specifically a buzzard and a Harris hawk for those of you who know about these things. And he's been cutting grass by the acre with the wee Fergie tractor as well as with a mower. As well as all that the poor lad has been working on getting the 4x4 off road event in the forests sorted out and has more of that to come before the day itself on 9th September. Oh, and he's off doing a charity cycle ride today - my hero!

Lindsay - hmmm, bit of admin stuff, bit of painting (walls and doors - she hates painting doors) and quite a lot of destruction of built-in wardrobes. I understand that Part l of the Great Plan is for us to move next door to where the grass is greener and the sun shines longer. This entails much pondering over paint charts, endless washing of brushes, long periods spent contemplating bare walls and muttering over the amount of 'stuff' there is to contend with. When all this gets too much she takes it out on the garden.

I have to report a nasty trend developing chez nous.
Name calling.
They seem to consider that I am unusually inquisitive and a little officious in my attitude at times. In recent days I have been referred to as The Chocolate Policeman, Agent Ash of the FBI (Furry Brown Inspectorate) and even Deputy Dawg. I am plotting revenge....

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