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Friday, June 29, 2007

Brave New World

I'm back!
Actually I was never away but I had things to do, places to be, humans to comfort and all that unsung hero type stuff that is a dog's lot.
There have been good bits and bad bits in the last few weeks - my neighbour dog Pepper (a bit of a dumb redhead setter type) has upped sticks and gone to live with Lindsay's wee brother, leaving me to make free with her doggy chocs. There has been an awful lot of scene shifting going on next door and I don't think it is done yet.
Lindsay's big brother stayed for a while so I managed to blag some milk and cookies by doing the big sad eyes routine. Now it is all quiet but there's the promise of a visitor lady this coming week so I may try the same tack then.
The incessant rain has caused grumbling by Hugh - can't get out to cut grass with the tractor, can't get to do his regular gardening jobs for others, poly tunnel is flooded, hen run is flooded etc etc. There are supposed to be pics inserted at this point to display waterlogged strawberries and the sad sight of a mudbath where the purple sprouting broccoli should be but someone has failed to load them onto the computer...
Hugh did manage to marshall at an off road event elsewhere in the Borders last weekend - he really enjoyed the landscape on the private estate the club were using

The exhibition is up and running - the private view was last Friday evening which was a very wet and miserable one. But our generous friends came along and livened up the proceedings considerably - and three of Hugh's works were sold that night! Then yesterday Humphrey, our website building hero, went along to photograph the work so that we can get them onto The Workhouse website - images here soon too!


Suzi-k said...

glad all is settling down to semi normal (I think that normal is a flexible term, and your family, like ours, possibly pushes the boundaries of what would be considered true boring normality!)
sssoooo want to see Hugh's latest paintings, BRING ON THOSE PHOTOS!!

muddy red shoes said...

Ash, is she OK? Hope so, love Coco and her. xx

tlc illustration said...

I'm glad things are sounding a bit brighter (and full of doggy treats) out your way.