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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dog Days

Yesterday, folks, was a peach of a day! It was obvious there was something up since the vacuum cleaner and duster were in evidence early on - always a giveaway.
Hugh took me out first thing (Exercise No 1) and I was just snoring in my bed (essential when recharging the batteries) when my long lost friends arrived in force. I was fussed over and petted for hours. Louise and Frances had been prewarned so they had jeans on and no-one (except Lindsay - so what?) shouted at me when I jumped up at them.
We did a tour of the garden where H & L showed off the wee hens, the big hens, the polytunnels and willow fences and all that stuff, then more coffee and wine and a huge big buffet salady lunch and more attention.
And then a ride in the Land Rover - 6 humans, one dog (and let me assure you that I was in a front seat, not relegated to the back like L) - and then Exercise No 2 - a run around up and down a forest track and a bit of playing chase with my best pal Dougie.
Home for afternoon tea which included various home bakes and the biggest chocolate cake in the world baked by Frances - oh, and more games with Dougie as you can see from the stylish picture above. He was also quite good for slipping me the odd morsel of cake when no-one was looking.
Sadly, they had to go but L took me out for another walk in another bit of the forestry after my tea (Exercise No 3) before I collapsed into my bed. If only every day could be like this

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