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Sunday, April 22, 2007

On a clear day ....

Hello! How come there's only a week left in April? Where did it go? Since I last posted there's been a Easter Egg Hunt for the local children, a 60th birthday party and then yesterday a Book Sale (with Coffee and Cake, naturally) all at the Hall across the road from here. What a thriving mini-metropolis this tiny village is! I managed to stick my nose in at the end of the Book Sale but otherwise these events happened without the benefit of my skills. Underappreciated again...

The lambs in the fields are getting fat, our little chicks are not so cute any more, although there are more due out of the incubator next weekend so maybe I will get photographs this time round, and the 'new' shed has been painted and re-felted.

On Friday night the arty types attended the private view at the brand new wee Gallery on the Green in Denholm which features Hugh's work as well as a very talented local pastel artist and other folks' too. Looks like it will be carrying some interesting craftwork and I believe Lindsay spotted some fancy locally made chocolate bars with exotic flavours- cue more 'testing'.

So far today Lindsay has been doing paperwork and splattering blackboard paint about (in a meaningful way...) while Hugh and his pal Joe and our neighbour Steve (of birthday party fame)and lots of others are all off doing a sponsored walk up the Eildon hills by Melrose. The pic is a view from the top on a clear day and here's a bit of explanation for you - isn't the internet wonderful?

Eildons, The, a “triple-crested eminence” near Melrose, 1385 ft., and overlooking Teviotdale to the S., associated with Sir Walter Scott and Thomas the Rhymer; they are of volcanic origin, and are said to have been cleft in three by the wizard Michael Scott, when he was out of employment.
Definition taken from
The Nuttall Encyclopædia, edited by the Reverend James Wood (1907)

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Wimsey said...

Ash, where are you? Have you and your humans gone tramping through the countryside?