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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Chocolate Easter Greetings

I think we'll stick to purples and yellowy greens for this post, as befits Easter and springtime and all that stuff. It's been quite an exciting week for this brown dog as herself is now based at home. I have had longer walks from her which is A GOOD THING but I've also noticed a tendency to disappear up the metal ladder to her garret clutching jam jars of water only to reappear some time later with paint on her clothes and in her hair. She claims there's some on canvas too but I have yet to see the evidence.

There was a birthday outing to the beach - it was grand fun although I can report that the water was not much above freezing. I ran miles on the sand with Hugh in hot pursuit (some of the time). Then H and L visited The Alnwick Garden which looks nothing like our own humble field. Huge great cascades of water and fountains and groovy metal and watery sculptures and a gigantic tree house. I would have enjoyed the water but for some CURIOUS reason dogs don't get to visit. Ho hum.

However, there were compensations - Lindsay moved lots of aged horse manure into the vegetable beds in the polytunnel, to give them a boost before plants go in and I was of inestimable assistance in this job, as I am sure you can appreciate. My friend Joe was here giving Hugh lots of help with a new (to us) shed which is going to be a very swanky kennel and maternity unit is due course, if L does not take it over as a potting shed first.

One of Lindsay's presents was a great book called Rustic Retreats - A build-it-yourself guide - H and L have over-active imaginations and are always rattling on about making stuff in the garden so it looks like we are in for hut/shack/bower thingy for all those romantic evenings that they (don't) spend out there - ho hum, more wasted time that would be better spent walking me.

I'll leave you with this morning's selection of sunny Borders images. If you see the Easter Bunny, he's mine to chase, OK?


tlc illustration said...

Hey Ash - Jack barks an Easter hello. He is in a bit of disgrace (decided to *eat* the ham bones in entirety rather than clean them off - lead to much cleaning up of carpet some hours later) - but had a lovely day nontheless.

Your looking 'fetching', btw.

tlc illustration said...

*You're* looking... (It's late. I can no longer spell apparently. So much for attempts at being punny...)