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Friday, March 30, 2007

Winter's back

The spring weather has been and gone and collapsed - we had a few days of sunshine last weekend which saw great activity in the garden and happy moods all round. Now it's back to grey skies and rain. As a well waterproofed hound I am of course only too pleased to splash about in rain-sodden fields but I do note a marked lack of enthusiasm in the arty ones.

April is going to be busy - her ladyship has now stopped paid employment to concentrate on arty pursuits full time. I hope the Workhouse name does not prove too apposite in the coming months. (Good word that, coming from a labrador, don't you think? I quite impressed myself) There's the imminent launch of the Border Tart and several outings lined up for Hugh's pics.
The ones above are both for sale online - they are acrylics on canvas panels, 30cm x 40cm x 4cm deep, and are £80 each including postage (UK) or £85 (all other countries). The duck is called Giles and he's a richer colour than may be showing on your screen, very orangey at bottom left corner. That's the commercial over with, folks. Update: BOTH SOLD!
I am contemplating allowing Hugh a monthly guest spot on the blog - possibly entitled The Oily Rag - so that he can rattle on about Land Rover adventures. Now don't hold your breath....

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Wimsey said...

Ah, winter is wonderful is it not Ash? The smells are more intense and there's so much more mud to track in. I wouldn't worry too much about the ending in the workhouse, your humans are very talented (I'm quite fond of that duck) and they'll do just fine.