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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mad March Hares

I've been chasing hares - not catching any, I admit, but I have been trying hard. And there was SNOW this morning which as any fule kno, makes for extra special sniffs. However, it was just as well there was fun to be had because yesterday was a very long quiet day with no exercise as him and her set off at five o'clock (without giving me breakfast) to drive down to Herefordshire and back (550 miles) to pick up some unsold pictures from a gallery. They has rain, wind, drizzle and then glorious spring sunshine (that was the farthest south bit) then the same in reverse on the way home.

I spent the day next door with Lindsay's mama - and they eventually re-appeared at nearly nine o'clock. It transpired they had decided to visit the Royal Air Force Museum near Telford on the way home, so they were both spouting bizarre facts about ejector seats, transporter planes and the Cold War. Bit of a mystery to me but they see to have enjoyed themselves, bless 'em.

Hugh's latest landscapes are gathering in preparation for various exhibitions locally over the next few months. The one above is called On the Skyline and is 36" x 14" with lots more detail than you can see here. Bulk supplies of paint and canvases have arrived. Lindsay is all excited because lots of them are for her and she is itching to clear a space in the scrap store up the ladder that she calls her room, and get started.

Meanwhile, she made lemon curd for the recent jumble sale - it always looks and tastes lusciously rich because it's our own hens' eggs - and those girlies know how to eat! There are eggs in the incubator which should hatch in a couple of weeks' time so watch this space for cute chick pics. L is also toying with the idea of offering people the chance to sponsor a chick for a year for a one off cost of £10 - you get chick pics and updates and then lemon curd or meringues made with your chick's eggs when she's old enough to lay 'em!


tlc illustration said...

The curd looks heavenly! (I don't suppose it ships well - internationally! :-)

Wimsey said...

Ash! My, I was worried about you! My human subscribed to your blog and kept telling me nothing new was posted. Glad to see you. The landscape is lovely and the lemon curd, hmmm, if it can't travel, perhaps I should convince my human to take me to the curd?


Ash said...

I will get herself to work on a new invention - freeze dried lemon curd to post worldwide!

Sophie Brador said...

Hi Ash, It's wonderful to meet you. You are a beautiful dog, and those paintings are pretty darn nice too. Please come back and visit often, and I will do the same, although I'm not sure it's fair to tempt all of us over here on this side of the pond with photos of yummy food. :-)