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Monday, August 28, 2006

Show Time

The annual village show took place last weekend - we borrowed a posh new tent for the teas and beers, there was funfair stuff and a plant stall, a book stall, a couple of craft work stalls all the 'guess the such and such and win it' things, children's races and vintage machinery - all this and it was still the 'littlest show on earth'! The sun shone, then it rained, then it dried up - basically we had a little bit of everything. Four Italian motorcyclists dropped in - and I dread to think what tales they are taking home.of the strange customs of rural Scotland.

Here's the dolly that herself made - it was won by a little girl who guessed her birthday correctly (4th August - same as yours waggily). The sweeties in the jar was won by one of the biggest kids there - our friend Ross who took lots of photographs on the day while his wife Jane sold her plants.

For example, here's Jane learning to drive Hugh's little grey Fergie tractor, under 'instruction' from himself, at the end of show. Nice backdrop, eh?

The final photo is a perfect one by Ross. This is Fergus's pram - he is latest addition to the village but was off taking some air at this point so not really an abandoned baby.

Although I missed the early part of the show as I was on house guarding duty, Hugh came to retrieve me so that I could do a lap of honour and meet my adoring public. Lindsay's crowning moment was beating her mother in the fruitcake class, although they were both outclassed by Fergus's mum, Linda.

Since then H & L have been to a parish barbecue, looked in on a coffee afternoon at the village hall, sneaked out for an Indian meal in the excellent restaurant in Jedburgh, and been to a much bigger show south of the border today. At least on this last one they took me too. They have also both been working, I hasten to add.

Hugh has been moving and raising fences at Thirlestane Castle where they hold big important horse trials (well, important if you are a horse or a horsey type - I don't care for the things myself, too flighty and scary kickers). Lindsay has been at work and been busy with the jam pan. She seems to have some sort of recurrent (redcurrant?!) addiction which runs for a few months from mid summer onwards. This weekend's efforts have been a rowan berry and apple jelly and a gooseberry jam - she tells me the rowan jelly is a stunning colour and Hugh thought it would make a good colour for brake lights - Hell, humans, what are they on?


tlc illustration said...

Ummmm! Rowan berry jelly? How does it taste? (I thought Rowan berries were supposed to be too bitter to eat?) Sounds very interesting!

ash said...

Rowans are horrible on their own but with apple and stacks of sugar they make a bittersweet jelly which is good with rich meats - and as I have made a ton of it, I sincerely hope there are a lot of meat eaters out there....!

PG said...

I expect your Italian bikers loved it - a sliver of 'Real' Britain. I love village shows - so much effort is put into them and it nearly always rains at some point...