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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Don't look now...but

This is going to be the blog entry where I master links to my e-pals

So, let's begin with the lovely Coco, at Muddy Red Shoes - where Sarah paints a mini masterpiece EVERY DAY as well as living a blooming lively life in Brittany. Coco is my chocolate labrador blog younger (but probably more sensible) sister!

Over in the US of A there's Jack who is an exotic Labrador - Rottweiler cross and lives with the talented TLC, illustrator extraordinare.

And today Chigger and Woody at Blogdogs introduced themselves. Woody likes my coloury text so I feel justified in making this a particularly virulent mixture.

There, now, I didn't do too badly.


tlc illustration said...

Good job on the linkage ability! :-) It does make for fun posts.

Jack wanted to say hello, but since I don't think it's possible to post pictures in the comments section here, he is featured on today's blog entry for your perusal.

ash said...

Have not dared show Ash the pic of Jack yet but I am well smitten - he looks lovely!

muddy red shoes said...

Ahh, Ash, its the very sensible Coco here, tonight we went to a bar on the river where my very big rottwiller boyfriend lives, I was very very sensible and sat under the table while he showed off a lot, but I di like him, my bit of rough, off now to sniff the cat that I live with, will do a post just for you when all the tiny humans (who keep horse riding me) have gone. xx Coco

Woody & Chigger said...

awl that colour is just sew very cool. what can eye say! --woody (& chigger)