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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Panic Stations!

Only a few days to go until the 'Open Weekend' here at The Workhouse. The invitations are out, the posters are up and the artists are in a flap. Opening times are Sat and Sun, 8th and 9th July, from 12 till 6 and the sun is going to shine and everything will look lovely. That's the theory, folks. So the garden is weeded and tidied, the vegetables are standing to attention and some of the plants are even considering flowering for the occasion. The various welded sculptures (Stumpy Cockerel here is the latest) will be placed around the garden and there will be seats and benches in quiet corners.

Inside the house will be paintings and collages on the walls, bags, cushions and other bits and pieces artfully strewn about, and lots of cakes and lemonade and a little alcohol to help the day along!

I am moving next door for the afternoons where I will miss all the excitement but probably get fed tidbits by Lindsay's mother - a silver lining after all..


Diana Weir said...

Good luck to the open weekend - to the artists, the dogsitter, Ash and everyone else in the two households.
Elizabeth has just kindly sent the link to this site to all the London end of the family - just in time for us to join you in spirit, if not reality. It's so hot and muggy down here this week that I suspect that most of us would love to be able to be there in the flesh as well !
All the best for now and love,

muddy red shoes said...

Woof Ash, no Im younger, October 2004, but stocky like my boss lady. I was trying to be sensible for the photo but usually I am not. I love to eat rubbish and there is a dog next door with an ASBO ( he is my bit of rough ) who escapes sometimes and we go crazy, there are some great streams and ponds here, FULL of mud, thats where we go, ohh la la, Im half French you know!
Woof soon,