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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well the dust has settled round here after a busy weekend. Despite being exiled next door, I was able to see lots of strangers in my garden as they did the grand tour, stopping to admire the sculptures and the willow trellis and the wee partly hidden bird's nest full of sweets before returning indoors for coffee and cake. Herself had been busy baking to tempt the masses and it went down too well for my liking - precious few leftovers.

On my return to the fold I could spot a few gaps where the prints of Hugh's pictures had been and one of Lindsay's swagbags was missing too. Cards definitely sold. As for the jams and chutneys - wiped out, clean shelf, all gone. Same with Hugh's freshly baked loaves.

I think they were tired but happy at the end of it all.

Rustic scenes here of gooseberries and strawberries just picked and an artistic pile of carrot thinnings.

Rumblings in the jungle .. they are off south with some paintings. I fear another kennels trip is imminent. I must step up the smooching and see how guilty I can get them to look....


PG said...

Ash, you are looking very suspicious in that last picture...you really need to train your humans better, if you want to get out and about. :)

muddy red shoes said...

Oh ash, you are Kate Moss to my Dawn French. Do they make you live on carrotts, is that how you stay so slim?
Love Coco x