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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday, soggy Sunday in Southdean
(that's the name of the parish that this village of Chesters is in, and sort of interchangeable, I think)

Good points about the weekend
Proper walks including this morning which was a new place with fresh sniffs and the bonus of a muddy stream and then an opportunity this afternoon to hare round a stubble field and follow badger scents. Lindsay has got some bug which means she's got energy for only about half an hour at a time - the stove has been going full blast and she even spent time sleeping on the sofa yesterday afternoon.

Bad points about the weekend
[1] She did not want my company when lying on the sofa, even though it was my clear duty to keep her warm. I am at a loss to understand her sometimes heartless behaviour.
[2] A roasted bone was definitely purchased on Friday. I know exactly where it is but I have not yet been given access to it. Have I sinned in some small way and they are exacting revenge by allowing me to smell it but not chew it?

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