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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let's Get it Over With

Here is more photographic evidence of the done deed. It may be Valentine's Day but the arty ones' idea of romance is to go and look at puppies. This is Midge. I ain't met her yet but she's coming to live with us in a fortnight. That's it really. Life is complete. No peace, no bed to call my own, incontinence (hers, not mine), stolen toys, fewer meals, less space in the Land Rover. Ach, I'm going off to my bed while I still can. Goodnight!


Wimsey said...

Ah Ash, you'll have someone to play with, boss around, steal food and toys from - this could be a good thing. If not, NYC awaits.


P.S. She is very cute, but I prefer my girls chocolate.

Suzi-k said...

oh Ash, in no time you will forgive her for the puddles and pestering, and the two of you will be the best of buddies, how could you resist?

tlc illustration said...

Jack is quite jealous of you getting a playmate that LIVES with you. He is actually quite indignant that he lives in a single-doggy home. Alas, our house and yard aren't really big enough to accomodate two large dogs, so he'll have to make due with just us, and the dogs he visits when we are out on walks.

She is very darling. Give her a bit of time to grow, and grow on *you*. I'm sure you will be pleased.