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Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Big Clear Out Starts Here

Lindsay has sneakily pushed this onto my blog as well as her own. She has mega stocks of craft stuff she inherited from her Mum and has decided to sell it off at the Federation Show next weekend - if it's your bag, get along and grab the bargains as they are going for sweeties!
With luck I'll be allowed to post soon about the developments happening round here, though she's threatening to add some of her Christmassy stuff to The Border Tart shop so I'll be lucky to get a look-in at the keyboard.


tlc illustration said...

What an exciting looking list. Wish I could see the 'goods' in person!

(Sniffs to Ash from Jack.)

Wimsey said...

Noooooo! We want more Ash, not less! Please Lindsay, let Ash use the keyboard!