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Monday, September 17, 2007

Home Again

We've all been away - in separate directions.
I was despatched to see my friends at the kennels where they appreciate what a fine canine specimen I am, while H and L went north. They were lucky enough to stay in a perfect cottage in the heart of the Perthshire countryside, with paths from the door, a quality village shop ten minutes walk away and dry weather all week.
Photographs were taken and here's the evidence. Typical southern Highland landscapes, tumbling streams, mirror smooth lochs, solid stone houses, turreted white harled larger 'estate' properties, red deer, roe deer, red squirrels, buzzards and rabbits. The perfect spot for a chocolate labrador, it must be said. They have promised to take me next time....

The cottage was a TV free zone but the twosome had taken their own entertainment

for him, his guitar and a new guitar magazine

for her, more stitchery and books

for them both, a fine bottle of malt whisky


tlc illustration said...

Ah! It looks so beautiful! And sounds like a lovely time. Sorry you only got to see the pictures Ash dear.

Suzi-k said...

Looks Idyllic. sold 5 pix this week and 4 last week so maybe i'll get to see it next year after all!