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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jamming again

The bountiful fruit harvest is still being converted by the jam and chutney queen. These dinky little crab apples smelled delicious - herself was taking photographs of them artfully spilled over a lovely patchwork textile when I thought a spot of quality control was called for.

The jam pan is full of plums and elderberries and I am fairly sure I saw a port bottle being tipped over the top later on in the cooking.

Yesterday was summer sunny and hot - here's the early morning sun through the willow hedge and the little russet apple tree. The grass got cut later

Today is autumn rain and clammy - no pictures as the job for the day involved drains... 'nuff said. I stayed indoors for that bit.


tlc illustration said...

Yum! Your jam posts always make me hungry! I want to try all of them! (Ash - do *you* like jam? Or are you just being helpful?)

ash said...

Hmm, don't get offered the finished goods I'm afraid. But any fruit that should happen to fall on the floor during prep has my name on it. Pity we don't grow bananas, they're my favourite!

Anonymous said...

what wonderful looking jam, coco likes jam, well anything vaguely eatable, it was a whole packet of TUC biskets yesterday, she would write but she has a tummy ache!